GMS-Services, Cleaning company near Lancy

You don’t have time to clean your apartment or clean your house and you are looking for a cleaning company in Carouge near Lancy?

Whatever your needs, GMS-Services offers a service for occasional or regular cleaning and maintenance, for a tailor-made intervention.

Transport and moving company in Lancy, your company puts all of its teams and skills at your service to respond effectively to the various cleaning requests.

Use the services of GMS-Services, a cleaning company near Lancy

Depending on your availability, the cleaning company in Carouge carries out the cleaning in order to make your atmosphere healthy and pleasant, while using specific and respectful products.

Whether you are near Carouge, Acacias or Jonction, it intervenes to save you the time and effort for cleaning, by providing several services ranging from a simple cleaning to a complete service for your home, office or building.

Indeed, GMS-Services carries out, in particular, the cleaning of buildings and houses, the cleaning of stands after assembly, in addition to a service of cleaning of offices and complete or classic restoration of construction sites and premises.

To have effective and lasting results, your leader in cleaning services, GMS-Services offers you the expertise of its professional team, highly qualified and able to respond to all your cleaning requests, even the most technical. To guarantee you a level of cleanliness and hygiene that defies the competition, our team puts into practice all the technical, material and logistical methods allowing it to carry out your project as quickly as possible and with perfect care.

You are a professional or a private individual, the cleaning company GMS-Services is committed to offering you unique and adjusted services according to your needs and requirements.


Pour plus de renseignements sur les différents services de nettoyage, n’hésitez pas à contacter la société GMS-Services au (+41) 22.342.30.89.